HAPPY REPORT by dodotokyoさま

花屋人生で一番沢山通っている場所 #大田市場花き部
IKI LUCAの赤いドレスを着るだけで気持ちもアップ。自分もお花に溶け込んだ気分になりました。ドキッと恋に落ちるくらい、着心地には大きな感動があり、実際着た時の全体のシルエットも大好きです。何より軽い、でもかなり丈夫な素材感。
Ota Flower Market in Tokyo where I have visited the most in my florist life. The market is the second largest in the world regarding distribution volume. I believe the quality of flowers is the best in the world. That's my favorite place.
Once I wear my red dress, I get all pumped up and feel like I am part of a colorful flower market.
Excellent texture which I am fall in love with. I love its line when I put it on.
The most remarkable thing is that it is super light regardsless of its durability.
When I purchase at the market, I walk around a lot , carry  flowers and load them into a car. It is like light exersize from early morning.
This dress is workable in such a busy morning, I realized.
I kicked off a happy day with the dress.