"I feel that the more we spend time surrounded by the beauty of nature, the more we can appreciate the beauty of things created by human hands. I want to live with what I feel beautiful, such as architecture, clothing and tools." at The Tokushima Modern Art Museum, by Miyu @meyou_miyu who has been challenging a new journey in Kamiyama, Tokushima

Thank you so much for involving the dress in your exciting journey !!
Photo credit @meyou_miyu
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Comments for HAPPY DRESS

"The fabric is great. So I can wear it all year round."

" I feel so cool in the dress. Easy to wash!"


"The silhouette is beautiful. "

"I am glad that I can wear it loosely and relax while it looks nice at the same time."


"I fell in love with a red dress. And I fell in love again with how comfortable it was when I put it on."

"It makes me so happy and cheers me up when I wear it."


"The fabric is elegant."