What is IKI LUCA?

IKI LUCA is a brand which offers travel clothing that will make you happy and will last for 100 years.

-Explore a new world with IKI LUCA-

Let’s imagine. You travel underneath the limitless sky and feel the welcoming breeze with the scent of the seasons on your cheeks. You satisfy yourself with the fine local cuisine and relax at a pleasant inn. What is the last part of such a great journey? It is the clothes. As you take in a deep breath and explore your new destination, why don't you wear something tasteful which makes your body and mind happy in every situation?

Traveling sometimes includes long road trips, unfamiliar environments and limited luggage capacity. Whatever your journey is like, what if you could bring along your favorite clothes which are not only comfortable and functional but will also be suitable wherever you go? This is the idea behind our brand.

IKI LUCA provides attire which you will love to wear for a long time in various situations including your daily life. 

We hope that IKI LUCA’s garments will be your reliable partner for 10, 20 or even 100 years to come.

-for your 100 year journey-

Founder Ms. Tomoko Ogura and the origin of IKI LUCA

Ms. Tomoko Ogura | Founder

She was born in Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. She lives and works in both Kurume and Tokyo. She envisions expanding Kurume Kasuri, a traditional textile from her hometown, to the world. That’s why she launched IKI LUCA in 2021, an original brand which uses Kurume Kasuri 100%.

Behind the story of the Launch

Tomoko moved out from Kurume and lived in several cities in Japan, the U.S. and Singapore after junior high school. She started her career in the finance industry. She loves her hometown Kurume very much, but she felt sad every time she went back to her hometown and witnessed its gradual decline. Which has been making her think, "What can I do for my hometown?”

A few years before Tomoko launched IKI LUCA, she met a lady who had started her own business related to Kurume Kasuri. It is a traditional textile from the southern part of Fukuoka in Japan, which has a 200-year history. At that time, Tomoko had an image of Kurume Kasuri which was old fashioned and uncool, but she found it to be elegant, gentle, and cool as a result of that meeting. The first Kurume Kasuri item she bought was a skirt. It became an essential item for her travels. When she traveled to Patagonia, a woman from New York City complimented her on her skirt and asked where to buy it. That experience led to the birth of IKI LUCA. Since then, she has been working on developing her business in order to deliver IKI LUCA products to New York where the woman who gave her the chance lives. The slogan is "From Kurume to New York! And to the world!” 

Now Tomoko is sure that she will be able to realize what she has been aiming for. She has been developing a network related to Kurume Kasuri with people who she has met and worked with. She calls this network “GALAXY.” She aims to expand the world of GALAXY for the sake of making a brighter future which makes everyone happy and excited through IKI LUCA. Let’s do what we can do for now, which will surely lead to a better tomorrow.





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