Our brand uses 100% Kurume Kasuri which is a traditional textile made of 100% cotton, from the southern part of Fukuoka in Japan. Kurume Kasuri has a 220-year history. We use Kurume Kasuri which is woven by Shimogawa Orimono located in Yame City. At Shimogawa Orimono, the threads and patterns are carefully adjusted by craftsmen on Kasuri looms which have been improved based on the TOYOTA-style power looms of the 1950s. These looms weave more slowly than a modern high-speed loom, which gives Kurume Kasuri a wonderful texture and makes it durable.

Product Features

1.Comfortable to wear
100% cotton, excellent texture. It is cool in summer (breathability) and warm in winter (heat retention). For example, on a dry airplane, it is more comfortable than synthetic fibers. Also, when it is difficult to adjust the temperature, it will wrap against your skin warmly and softly.

2.Compact to pack and wrinkle-resistant
It doesn’t take up much space in your luggage. Even if you fold or roll it up, due to its durability, it will be completely fine.

3.Easy to maintain
You can wash it in your washing machine at home.  Furthermore, you can easily wash it while traveling and it will be dry the next day (quick drying). 

4.Durable and long-lasting
Compared to today's high-speed looms, it is woven more slowly, resulting in a strong and durable, high quality fabric. Of course, while you are out on your exciting adventure, you can be confident that our products will be able to withstand most unexpected accidents such as falls and scrapes.

What is Kurume Kasuri?

Kurume Kasuri is one of the three major types of Kasuri in Japan, also known as “ikat” worldwide. It is a fabric made using dyed yarn to create a pattern.

It has a 220-year history and was exported not only throughout Japan but also overseas due to  its value as a component of durable daily wear. Later, its production declined due to the war, the rise of synthetic fibers, and the shift to westernized clothing. Today, the number of Kusume Kasuri weavers has decreased from about 80 to less than 30.

On the other hand, from the perspective of the global environment, there is a growing interest in sustainable products that will secure our future. Since ancient times, Japan has been accumulating the wisdom of its predecessors to create unique circulating systems such as clothing, food and housing suited to the climate and environments. The cotton kimono has been one of the perfect examples of sustainable clothing.

It takes about three months to produce this fabric thoroughly through more than 30 processes by the hands of different craftsmen. That’s why Kurume Kasuri is “excellent quality, comfortable to wear, easy to use and long lasting”. 

Wearing Kurume Kasuri is one of the ways to live sustainably and happily with limited resources and in harmony with the environment. We hope that “Traveling CASULI” will make a better future.

Photo credit 下川織物|Shimogawa Orimono